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PC Buyer Checklist

Before you buy a computer, make sure you have done some comparison between the models.  Go over the list of the items and features (hardware and software) that you want in a machine and double check that the machine you are contemplating purchasing has the items built in.  The below checklist is an easy way for you to compare computer models side by side.

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PC Checklist QUESTIONS / NOTES  Example: Model #1 Model #2 Model #3
Processor Name (CPU)

  • Processor Speed in MHZ
  • # of Processors in the Computer
Intel Core i7
2.7GHz, turbo boost to 3.5GHz
Operating System that it comes with
(Does it come with Windows, Apple IOS, Chrome, Is it preinstalled?)
Windows 10 Home

(64-bit) Pre-installed

RAM (memory) in GB (The more the better)

  • RAM Type
  • Memory Speed
16 GB
DDR4-2133 SDRAM1600MHZ
Hard Drive Capacity (usually in GB or TB)

  • Is it Mechanical – 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, 10000 rpm – (traditional Drive that rotate/spin) Higher the # the better
  • Is it SSD – Solid State – Means no moving parts and really fast! (Preferred)


7200 rpm


Video Card (Graphics, Graphics Memory)

  • Video Card Name:
  • Is it integrated onto Motherboard? ( You would prefer a separate video card with its own memory and processor)
  • What is Video Card Memory?


Intel HD Graphics 620




Does it have additional Drives:

  • CD (Plays CD Only)
  • CD/R (Plays and Writes CDs Only – No DVD)
  • DVD (Plays DVD and CDs Only – Does not write)
  • DVD+ RW (Allows writing and rewriting of CD/DVD)







SD Media Card Reader (Allows you to insert SD memory cards) Yes
Does it have Wireless Capability? (Can it connect to WiFi)

Does it have Bluetooth? (This allows you to connect devices like smart phones, cameras and fitness trackers to machine without wires)

What is the Wireless Networking Card? (if its integrated it means built onto the motherboard.  Separate Network Card is preferred but mostly unavailable in systems like Dell)


802.11A, Bluetooth, 802.11bgn
Wireless Type 802.11 A/C Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN

USB Ports (2.0 and 3.0)

Allows you to plug in things like keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, cameras etc

USB 2.0 = 1

USB 3,0 = 2

IS the Monitor Included with Price?

Most Desktop or Tower Computers DO NOT come with a Monitor except the “all in ones” that have monitor built into the computer

Laptop – Yes
Warranty: 90 days
Price: $1029

Additional accessories that might be useful, e.g., storage cases, furniture, extra cabling, surge protector, anti-glare/radiation screen for monitor?

Did we forget anything on this PC Buyer Guide Checklist?  If so, please send us a comment below.  We are trying to help those who may not be experts on Computers simplify the buying experience.